The Art and Science of Transplanting Children

The impact of attachment disruption, even when in the best interest of the child, can be deep and profound. This course provides effective and encouraging strategies for resolving these challenges and bringing these children to their full potential as human beings. The material is useful for all those who are involved with transplanted children: adoptive parents, adoption agencies, foster parents, step parents, teachers, supporting relatives, social workers, psychologists, pediatricians.

Participant Feedback For This Course:

“Every parent of any child (transplanted or not) should take this course.” (Father of biological and adopted children)

“This is a fantastic course to gain a deeper understanding and new perspective of what challenges our transplanted children may be experiencing and provides some great tools for deepening the relationship” (Kat, mother of one adopted child)

“Excellent course!  It gave us new insight into how to parent better.  We are excited to try out the tools that we have been given.” (Tamara, Adoptive Mother of 2)

“We are parents to a 10 year old and about to be parents to a 7 year old – we have learned key techniques which we have begun to apply immediately.” (Angela, Mother of one biological child and awaiting the adoption of a second child)

“This helped me understand how to work with my future child in a way that helps him/her feel more connected and safe.  It gave me a new perspective on attachment issues our family will face.” (Sophia, Adoptive Parent Awaiting Placement)

“This course assisted us to understand some our children’s past behaviour and gave us the tools to successfully manage predictable future behaviour.” (Kim, mother of adopted twins)

“Although we don’t yet have a child, the course material was useful in anticipation of receiving one. It has helped us to manage our expectations and we’ve both seen it impact our adult lives as well as dealing with others.” (Dara, an expecting adoptive father)

“Understanding how natural attachment unfolds has given me a great framework for understanding what is happening (or not!) within my child. Rebecca Janke promoted discussion that gave me very practical tools that I have implemented to help bridge some of the separation that I didn’t realize was driving the difficult behaviour we had in our home. A very valuable course!” (Mandy, a mother with one biological child and one adopted child)


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